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At Essentialise, we design and deliver bespoke wellbeing solutions with your business and team in our minds. There is no one size fits all workplace wellbeing solution, and we support you in defining exactly what you need to build a thriving workforce.

Below is a sample selection of our workshops, which can be built from 45 minute lunch and learns all the way up to half-day interactive training sessions. They can also be built into our wellbeing programs. CPD accredited and tailored to your needs.

Recharging and Cultivating Resilience

Delivers an understanding of the science of resilience and teaches how to cultivate it.

The webinar explains what resilience is from a scientific perspective and how stress and uncertainties impact it. They will discover and experience simple evidence-based techniques and strategies to keep calm, maintain their energy levels and optimise their cognitive functions (such as decision making).

Participants will also identify how they can replenish their inner battery with simple self-care practices that will boost their energy levels, their optimism and their motivation.

Key Outcomes

  • Provides an understanding of the neuroscience of resilience and how to cultivate it
  • Identifies energy leaks and teaches fast and efficient techniques to fix them
  • Shares strategies to manage negative thoughts and feel more in control
  • Teaches how to replenish the resilience battery through nourishing activities and positive habits
  • Cultivates optimism

understanding and utilising stress

This workshop examines the concept of stress, explains the science of what happens in our brain and body, and how stress impacts how we think, feel and behave. Taking into account the new work challenges many of us are facing, it explores ways to build clarity and good self-care habits, to bring back stability and structure, and minimise unnecessary pressure.

Participants will leave the workshop inspired with ways to dial down the pressure, adapt more easily to the way things are, and support each other in staying cool, calm and connected.

Key Outcomes: 

  • Provides an understanding of what stress is, the triggers and symptoms
  • Shares strategies to develop greater clarity and calm
  • Provides easily implementable tools to take away and start practising
  • Fosters shared connection and understanding amongst participants 

crafting and harnessing a positive mindset

This workshop teaches practices to boost optimism and build a positive mindset, combatting the natural negativity bias of our brain. It explains that your focus creates your reality, and teaches how to shift towards opportunities rather than risks and dangers. The workshops incorporate practical mindfulness techniques to break the cycle of negative thinking and share strategies for managing the nervous system to shift out of negative emotions. Finally, the workshop explains how to increase confidence by letting go of an unrealistic need to control.

Participants will leave the workshop empowered with the knowledge and practical strategies to cultivate a more optimistic outlook.

Key Outcomes
  • Increases feelings of optimism and hope
  • Empowers participants with practical strategies to boost resilience and wellbeing
  • Provides an understanding of the scientific evidence of the power of optimism
  • Fosters shared connection between the group

burnout: awareness, prevention and retention

This session explores what burnout is, some facts and figures, why it’s on the rise and the underlying factors. It explains what happens in the brain and body and how burnout impacts every corner of our health. The session teaches the signs and symptoms to look out for in ourselves and others and shares practical steps to prevent burnout and look after ourselves better. Crucially it also highlights the protective factors for everyone to embed a collective culture of wellbeing.

Participants will leave the webinar with a greater understanding and awareness of this illness, and be empowered with strategies to prevent it.

Key Outcomes
  • Brings awareness to the status of burnout as a significant work-related illness
  • Educates participants on the greater risk of burnout during challenging times
  • Shares the signs and symptoms to look out for
  • Provides practical strategies to prevent burnout 
Wellbeing workshops

Let us know what you need

We have over 20 different workshop bases to build a unique experience for your team, including mental health awareness, promoting psychological safety and navigating change and challenge.

When it comes to interactive, evidence-based and engaging training on all areas of mental wellbeing, we have a solution that will be perfect for you. 

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